New Battery Tech is Powered by Air


By Shane McGlaun

Most of the gadgets we use today have batteries of some sort inside them as do a growing number of cars. Battery tech is an area of intense research and development as an alternative power source for all sorts of products.

The world’s first air-powered battery has been unveiled and is called the STAIR (St Andrews Air) battery. The battery is charged just like any other battery directly from an AC outlet, but when power is discharged from the battery, it draws more energy form the air around it.

The cells of the battery are able to generate more power by drawing air in through an open mesh section of the battery and using the oxygen in the air. The oxygen reacts with a porous carbon component inside the battery and helps to continually charge the cells. The developers of the battery say that the STAIR battery is able to discharge power about ten times longer than traditional batteries and weighs less as well.

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