New Bags Let You Leave Your Laptop Inside At Airport Security

By Luke Anderson

Going to the airport is always a hassle. I don’t care how prepared you are, it’s always a pain. Going through security is always the worst, having to take off your shoes, take out your laptop and even getting those wonderful random searches through your luggage. At least one company is working on making one of those annoyances a thing of the past.

Skooba Design is working with the TSA on creating a laptop bag that is “checkpoint friendly.” These particular laptop bags will be allowed through the checkpoints, with laptops still inside. These will simply unfold on the belt, allowing screeners to see the laptop just as well as if it were resting in a separate bin. This should definitely help to speed up the lines, provided that the idea actually catches on.

[ Skooba Design ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

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