New Asteroids Watch From The Creator Of The Ping-Pong Watch

Asteroids Watch (Image courtesy NerdwithSwag)
By Andrew Liszewski

Not content with his original Ping-Pong watch design, John Maushammer is not only working on an updated design that includes buttons for changing the mode and a tilt sensor for controlling the paddle, but also the Asteroids version pictured above. Now there’s no word on whether or not the Asteroids version will actually be playable, but John apparently still doesn’t have plans to make the Ping-Pong watch playable since as he puts it; “I can’t think of anything more horrid than playing pong against a computer!” Trust me John, I’ll gladly pay Pong against a computer if it gives me something to do while sitting through another boring wedding.

You’ll also find a video of both watches in action after the jump.

[ John Maushammer ] VIA [ NerdwithSwag ]

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