Neuton CE 6.2 Battery-Powered Mower

Neuton CE 6.2 Battery-Powered Mower (Images courtesy Neuton)
By Andrew Liszewski

I was never a fan of cutting the grass as a kid, but it was less about having to do work and more about our gas-powered lawnmower which was loud and reeked of fuel and oil. But back then, electric powered mowers were tethered to a power cable that I’m sure I would have accidentally run over at one point or another. Fast forward 15 years and battery technologies have finally reached the point where you can buy an electric mower that doesn’t need to be plugged in while you’re cutting the lawn. The Neuton CE 6.2 model features a removable rechargeable battery that’s ideal for lawns up to 1/3 of an acre or about 15,000 sq. ft. in size. (Or about 45 to 60 minutes of mow time per charge, depending on the grass type.)

Since the battery is removable, you can swap it out with a backup if it dies before your lawn is finished or if you want to use the optional trimmer/edger accessory. The batteries charge in about 8 hours and will supposedly last for about 5 years with proper care. And since the Neuton CE 6.2 is an obvious choice for those who aren’t thrilled with running a gas-powered mower, they’ll also be happy to know that the battery is 95% recyclable when it does reach the end of its life.

You can buy the Neuton CE 6.2 Mower directly from the Neuton website for $479, while spare batteries run $99.95 each.

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