Nestle Special.T (Image courtesy Gizmag)

Nestle’s Special.T Is A Nespresso Machine For Tea Drinkers

Nestle Special.T (Image courtesy Gizmag)
By Andrew Liszewski

Tea is apparently the most popular beverage on the planet, which boggles my mind since it also happens to be the most disgusting in my opinion. And lately, like with coffee, making tea has become more than just boiling a pot of water and tossing in some leaves. Different varieties call for different brewing techniques for optimal flavor. Many years ago Nestle made it a lot easier for the average coffee drinker to whip up the perfect cup at home with their Nespresso machine, and now they’re hoping to do the same for tea fans with their Special.T machine.

Like with the coffee grounds for the Nespresso, the tea for the Special.T machine comes in pre-portioned aluminum capsules in 25 different varieties so every tea fan should find a flavor they enjoy. And the Special.T machine automatically calculates the optimal brewing time and temperature to release the full flavors of the tea being steeped. Now at the moment the Special.T system is being exclusively trialed in France, which turns out to be the largest market for capsule-based coffee makers in the world, and following that it will be made more widely available throughout Europe and presumably the rest of the world eventually. The machine sells for ~$180 (€129) while 10-packs of tea capsules run ~$4.80 (€3.50).

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