NES Hack Lets You Play Games Inside Your Cartridge


By Chris Scott Barr

I’ve still got a collection of my favorite NES games sitting in my closet, just begging to be used creatively. My old NES died long ago and I have emulators to satisfy my classic gaming habits, so I don’t really have a need for them. I’ve wanted to find something really cool to do with some of them, and I think I’ve found a project that will make use of at least one.

A crafty modder named airz managed to cram a working NES (emulator, not the real deal of course) and a 2.8-inch LCD inside a single cartridge. Now he can play just about any classic NES game by just grabbing his old Mario Bros./Duck Hunt game. It can do a few other things like play MP3s and whatnot, thanks to the PMP he used for the emulator. I’ve seen other similar mods, Such as the one by ‘darkeru‘ (this mod was inspired by his work) but this one is the best I’ve seen thus far.

[ Ben Heck ] VIA [ Technabob ]