NES And SNES Controller Wiidapters

NES And SNES Wii Controller Adapters (Image courtesy RetroZone)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Wii’s Virtual Console is a great way to relive those classic NES games you wasted most of the 80’s playing and while the official ‘classic’ controller Nintendo sells provides a decent way to play those titles it’s just not the same experience. Die-hard NES fans at least will definitely miss the sharp corners of the original NES controller and will probably still have the calluses on their hands to prove it.

Thankfully RetroZone, who make modern adapter cables for old-school controllers will soon be selling a pair of cables that will allow you to use an actual NES or SNES controller with the Wii. They plug into the Gamecube controller ports on the top of the console and while they aren’t wireless they’ll still make playing those old VC games far more enjoyable in my opinion.

The adapters should start shipping sometime in February and are available for pre-order now from RetroZone for $19 each.

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