Nerdy Baby ABC Flash Cards

Nerdy Baby ABC Flash Cards (Images courtesy Tiffany Ard)
By Andrew Liszewski

There are a lot of parents who push their kids too hard when it comes to sports, but there are just as many who are guilty of the same thing when it comes to academics. For example, any parent who buys a set of these Nerdy Baby ABC Flash Cards. Designed by Tiffany Ard, who’s also a mother, the set of 26 alphabetic cards provide nerdy alternatives to the standard A is for Apple, B is for Ball flash cards. I’m sure your child will find such examples as K is for Kepler’s 3rd Law or Q is for Quod Erat Demonstrandum considerably helpful as they struggle to learn the basic ABC’s. For some reason a lot of parents seem to think it’s OK for a child to go through school as a nerd or a geek because all that studying will eventually result in a successful job when they grow up. But there’s no guarantee that success in school will translate to success in the real world. Obviously (or hopefully) these flash cards were created with the designer’s tongue firmly in cheek.

You can get them directly from Tiffany Ard’s online store for $20.

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