Nerd Block: Monthly Mystery Card Packages that Nerds Will Love

Nerd Block

Give someone you love (your own self not excluded) a nerdy care package every month with Nerd Block. It’s the newest subscription service in town that promises to wow both full-fledged and in-the-closet nerds with a specially-curated box of geeky gear. The service’s partners include¬†Marvel, Nintendo, DC, and Disney, along with popular entities like Adventure Time, Doctor Who, and Star Wars, so you’re more or less guaranteed a box of awesome stuff every month.

Each package will contain a limited-edition T-shirt, along with a selection of five to six geek-themed toys that even non-nerds would appreciate.

Nerd Block costs $19.99 a month (plus shipping) and they ship all over the world, so no geek on our planet will feel left out. They’re sent out every 15th of the month and you can cancel anytime f you’re not satisfied or happy with what you get.

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