Neodymium Magnets Improve An Already Clever Hack

Binder Clip Magnet Cable Holders (Image courtesy gkrieshok)
By Andrew Liszewski

A few weeks ago Lifehacker posted a clever tip about using binder clips attached to the side of your desk to prevent unused cables from sliding off onto the floor. However, it required those cables to be threaded through the ‘handles’ of the binder clips, which was slightly inconvenient whenever you needed to use one of the tethered cables elsewhere.

But one of their readers has improved on the design, in my opinion at least, by attaching a set of neodymium magnets to the clips, creating a sort of MagSafe hack for everything from power to USB to even video cables. Just remember that magnets and electronics aren’t good bedfellows, but an extra ounce of prevention should ensure this hack does more good than harm.

[ Lifehacker – Combining Binder Clips and Magnets for Easy Cable Access ]