NeinGrenze 5000T (Images courtesy Matomeno)

NeinGrenze 5000T – Tilt-Shift Photography On The Cheap(er)

NeinGrenze 5000T (Images courtesy Matomeno)
By Andrew Liszewski

Because it requires more than just turning on your DSLR’s exposure bracketing and combining the shots in Photoshop, tilt-shift photography hasn’t become as tired and overused as HDR photography has. (Ugh, awful.) They usually require a bit more skill and investment on the part of the photographer, including a tilt-shift lens like those offered by Lensbaby and Nikon. But now even amateur photographers with a limited budget can try their hand at faking miniature scenes with this NeinGrenze 5000T point and shoot.

As digital cameras go it’s pretty basic, with a 5MP sensor, 2.4-inch TFT LCD display, VGA video capabilities, an SD card slot, fixed focus and no zoom capabilities. But what will certainly have photographers trying to hunt down this basic $150 (MSRP) digicam is the fact that its built-in lens can be switched into a tilt-shift mode, and it even offers in-camera post-processing
effects to make your shots look like they’re from a Lomo. Because let’s face it, vacation photos are far more interesting if it looks like the person had some amazing Gulliver’s Travels-like adventure to Lilliput.

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  1.  is it really necessary? i mean, as at now, some mainstream point and shoot camera that offers amazing quality already has such function. i can’t deny it is cheap but then again, i rather have one camera then two. besides, i am having fun with Photoshop in transforming some photos into tilt-shift. 

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