NEC WT615 Projector For Small Spaces

NEC WT615 (Image courtesy NEC)
By Andrew Liszewski

Video projectors are a great way for a group of people to ‘enjoy’ a PowerPoint presentation, but what about those times when you don’t have access to a large space? The NEC WT615 uses a unique mirror projection technology to achieve a 100 inch diagonal screen at a throw distance of just 65cm!

While the max resolution of just 1024×768 isn’t exactly impressive by today’s standards, it should be more than adequate for anything besides watching hi-def video. Because it can be setup and used in spaces not necessarily designed for it, the projector includes advanced ‘Digital 3D Reform’ picture correction technology as well as the ability to correct the image based on the color of the wall it’s being projected on. It even has optional support for connecting to a PC or PDA via a wired or wireless network.

Finally the WT615 also has a whiteboard function where you can write live onto the projected images using an electronic pen, and even capture those notations back to your PC or PDA. All that for about $3,500.

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