Natal Plum Bonsai Tree Produces Miniature Fruit

Natal Plum Bonsai (Image courtesy RedEnvelope)By Andrew Liszewski

I admire the patience and attention to detail that goes into crafting a bonsai tree, but I’m afraid there’s just not enough payoff for me to consider it a hobby. Of course that was before I learned that some bonsai trees actually produce edible fruit, which completely changes things.

The Natal Plum Bonsai for example is native to South Africa and produces white and pink flowers that eventually turn into edible, dark red fruit. The Natal trees are also particularly hardy and can survive under most conditions, which means even those without a green thumb should be able to keep it alive for longer than a week.

The trees are about 10-14 inches in height and are available from RedEnvelope for $54. I would also recommend hunting down a kit for making miniature preserves, or even miniature pies.

[ Natal Plum Bonsai Tree ] VIA [ The Green Head ]

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