Napkin Notebooks For Your Next Inspiration

Napkin Notebook (Image property of Dan Lipow)
By Andrew Liszewski

How many times have you heard that a revolutionary idea, design or invention started out as just a doodle on a napkin? Well in an effort to tap into whatever magical ability napkins have to inspire mankind, someone has created a coiled notebook that uses napkins instead of regular paper.

Just throw it in your bag or briefcase and the next time you have a few spare minutes you can spend the time doodling your way to a million dollar idea. Of course I can’t help but wonder if the idea for the Napkin Notebook started out as a sketch on another napkin, or how the napkin itself was ever invented in the first place.

The notebooks are expected to be available at the MoMA Store in the near future, but a trip to the local pub with a stapler in tow can probably score you one for free.

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1 thought on “Napkin Notebooks For Your Next Inspiration”

  1. Sanitary tissues appeared in 1907 when a delivery of creped paper turned out to be too thick to be usable as toilet paper. So instead, Arthur Scott, head of the Scott Paper company, cut it up into larger sheets and invented the disposable paper towel.

    The first real “paper napkins” appeared only much later in the 1930s. – Around the same time when “splinter-free” toilet paper became available. (Yay for splinter-free toilet paper!)

    Thus, indirectly, napkins owe their invention to crappy toilet paper. …uh, can I rephrase that?

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