NapAnywhere Means It Could Be Nappy Time… Anywhere

NapAnywhere Means It Could Be Nappy Time… Anywhere


If you’ve ever bought one of those U-shaped pillows from an airport gift shop in the hopes of getting some z’s on the plane, you likely know that they’re not all that great at their job. They’re generally too soft, with minimal support for your head. But the NapAnywhere device hopes to succeed where others have failed.

NapAnywhere starts as a flat disc. Once opened, the top of the pillow forms a shelf where the user rests his or her head while sleeping. The bottom curves over the user’s shoulder. The area in between is what allows the weight to be distributed around the shoulder, and thus what prevents the head from drooping, which could lead to neck cramps or an annoyed neighbor.

It unfolds flat when not in use, so you can stuff it into a carry on luggage without too much trouble. Designed by Ravi Shamaiengar, the NapAnywhere pillow is available as a $39 Kicstarter pledge until the early bird pricing sells out, after which it goes up $5, to $44.


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