Nail Trepanation Made Easy With The Pathformer

nail trepanation pathformer

By David Ponce

There you go. What better way to start the day and enjoy your coffee/breakfast than by looking at some gross medical pictures? Huh? This sight for sore eyes is a nail being Trephinated (aka trepanated, etc) by the Pathformer, a tool specifically designed for this task. Trepanation is the act of drilling holes, basically, and it seems that if you smash your nails real hard, and get subungal hematoma (black toe), it might do you some good to do just that. The little holes allow the pooled blood to pour out and relieve the painful pressure.

The Pathfinder

creates a microconduit in skin or nail within a specified depth range. The scissioning tool continually measures the resistance with reference to a skin electrode. This ensures the halting of the procedure when the lowering resistance reaches a preset value.

Fully open pathways can be painlessly scized (cut) through the stratum corneum of the skin or the nail. Microconduits, 300-500 microns in diameter, are produced within seconds and without sensation.

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