[NAIAS 2008] Saturn Flextreme Plug-in Concept

Saturn Flextreme Plug-in Concept (Images property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

A few months ago I wrote about the Opel Flextreme concept vehicle which was built on GM’s E-Flex platform. Well since Opel (GM’S European brand) and Saturn share a lot of design traits, it was not that surprising when the company announced the Saturn Flextreme Plug-in concept at this year’s NAIAS.

The Flextreme uses an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery to propel it up to 34 miles using only electricity. For most daily commuters that’s more than enough range, but if you have a particular long drive out to the ‘burbs, an onboard 1.3L turbo-diesel engine will generate additional power to replenish the battery while you’re driving.

Saturn Flextreme Plug-in Concept (Images property OhGizmo!)

Of course the feature on this concept vehicle that probably appeals most to the gadget community is the integrated storage for a couple of Segways. The specially modified personal transporters are stowed below the cargo floor in the back, and when docked will even charge alongside the vehicle’s own lithium-ion battery whenever the car is plugged into an electrical outlet.

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Saturn Flextreme Plug-in Concept (Images property OhGizmo!)

Saturn Flextreme Plug-in Concept (Images property OhGizmo!)

Saturn Flextreme Plug-in Concept (Images property OhGizmo!)

Segway! (Images property OhGizmo!)

The coolest part was that a couple of representatives from Segway were actually on hand at the GM booth. Yours truly and a fellow blogger from Life Goggles were lucky enough to give them a try. I’m almost ashamed to admit it was my first time riding on a Segway, but the experience was one to remember. There are a couple of rare photos of me actually on the Segway, but I’m afraid there’s no chance I’m going to post them here.

5 thoughts on “[NAIAS 2008] Saturn Flextreme Plug-in Concept”

  1. Why would someone be ashamed to have never ridden a Segway? The things aren’t exactly practical, reasonably priced, useful, or in any way shape or form stylish. The Segway has all the appeal of the Pneumonic variant of the plague and all the mass market sales record of the Pet Rabid Hyena with frickin lasers. Adding the thing to an ugly as sin car only makes it even less desirable to everyone save a few serious ecomentalists on a too lazy to walk kick.

  2. Actually Bob, what I meant was that I’m ashamed it’s taken me (a gadget writer) so long to get the opportunity to ride one. I’m actually a fan of the device but my only concern is the price, and that’s probably the main reason I don’t own one. I live in a downtown core and don’t own a car because of it. I actually love walking whenever I need to go somewhere, but at times (the morning) I’m less thrilled about walking an hour just to make a meeting on time.

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