MyDeskFriend Is The First Interactive Facebook Robot

By Chris Scott Barr

Like many millions of other people, I’ve got a Facebook account. It keeps me connected with friends both new and old, which is nice. I don’t exactly spend tons of time on there since I have better things to do. However, if you need an excuse to spend more time on the site, then I suggest you take a look at MyDeskFriend.

This interesting little penguin robot syncs up with your Facebook and does fun things like read your messages to you. It can also zoom around your desk and make noises to entertain you. Remember those little Tamagotchi things that you used to see a lot? Well the MyDeskFriend needs to be fed and played with just like one of those. It will react to your touch, whether you’re shaking it violently or petting it. Look for these sometime in September for around $100.

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