My Wake Up Call Alarm Clock Out Annoys Them All With Motivational Messages

My Wake Up Call Alarm Clock (Images courtesy Gizmag & AllPosters)
By Brian Liszewski

Forget about alarm clocks that try to drive off and escape, shake your bed or even test your shooting accuracy in the morning. We’ve found what is certainly the most effective way to get someone to leap out of bed and kill their alarm. Instead of music or buzzing sounds, the My Wake Up Call alarm clock plays motivational messages from a wide range of overly-energetic type-A personality ‘gurus’ who I’m sure have all appeared on Oprah at one time or another.

You can order the alarm clock pictured above that plays something called ‘compact discs’ for $59.95, or an iPod-compatible version for $69.95 that both include a month’s worth of motivational wake up messages. You can also just order or download a month of messages by themselves, if you’ve already got the hardware, for $19.95. Including such titles as ‘My Wake Up Call to Love’, ‘My Powerthoughts Wake Up Call’ and ‘My Emotional Freedom Wake Up Call’… Uh-huh…

[ My Wake Up Call Alarm Clock ] VIA [ Gizmag ]