My TV Remote (Images courtesy RyzMedia)

My TV Remote For The iPhone Costs Just $10 – So What Are You Waiting For?

My TV Remote (Images courtesy RyzMedia)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s definitely not the first universal remote accessory for the iPhone, but with a price tag of just $9.99 for the hardware and a free application, it’s safe to say it will probably be the first one a lot of people actually buy. The IR emitter can only be purchased through Ryz Media’s My TV Remote application, but it’s a free download that will probably change the way you use a universal remote.

Instead of a cacophony of on-screen function buttons, the app uses a program guide approach that lets you browse through channels and listings like you were scanning through your music collection. It’s also got social media connectivity like Facebook integration allowing you to see recommendations or what your friends are currently watching. Setup also appears to be a breeze, though at the moment the app is limited to watching TV, so controlling your other AV gear is hopefully just a software update away. And unless this is some kind of scam I’m not seeing, with a $10 price tag it’s pretty much an impulse buy.

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