My Document Laptop Case Really Sets You Apart

By Luke Anderson

When I take my laptop somewhere, I usually just toss it in my backpack (it’s meant to tote around laptops). It isn’t particularly stylish, but it gets the job done. If you’re looking for something that stands out a little more than the average laptop case, this one might be for you.

I can bet that if you walk around with one of these, you aren’t going to run into many people with the same one. Of course you’re probably going to get a lot of strange looks, since it is rather strange. I can’t say it is something I’d ever be caught dead using, but I’m sure that someone out there will just love it. There’s not much to tell about it that a picture can’t say. We do know that it’s made from vinyl and will be available at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair this weekend. No word on pricing.

[ 25togo ] VIA [ Doobybrain ]

2 thoughts on “My Document Laptop Case Really Sets You Apart”

  1. Gorgeous!
    The best laptop case ever!
    I was trying to invent an original laptop bag, but now i feel that I can’t do better than “My document” case!

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