My Beating Heart Designed To Sooth, Not Drive You Insane

My Beating Heart (Images courtesy Perpetual Kid)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m probably the last person on Earth you’d want to consult when it comes to the science of hugs, but apparently your heart will actually sync itself to the heartbeat of someone you’ve embraced. Who knew? And that phenomenon is how the ‘My Beating Heart’ supposedly helps you calm and relax. It’s a stuffed heart that features a realistic heartbeat you can feel when it’s squeezed. While you might think the heartbeat is generated by some cheap, electronic metronome, there’s apparently more to it according to the Perpetual Kid website:

My Beating Heart employs new advances in computer science, Artificial Intelligence, and haptic design. The technology inside each Heart combines the practice of meditation and yoga with software and hardware development. This lead to designing a small micro-computer to run on specially made software.

As you hug My Beating Heart you may notice subtle changes to the heartbeat. The “secret sauce” technology is at work inside algorithmically modeling the human heart in a deep meditative state.

The product description dangerously walks the line between making it out to be an actual therapeutic device and just pure snake oil, but at $49.99 from Perpetual Kid, it better do something more than just thump.

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