Mutant Fashion: Krang Belt Buckle

Mutant Fashion: Krang Belt Buckle

Krang Belt

If you think about it, Krang definitely ranks high in the list of truly gross and despicable supervillains, considering he’s the disembodied brain of an alien warlord who’s still up to no good, even without a body! With the movie along the way (which Krang will reportedly be in), you might want to jump on the bandwagon and lend your human bod to Krang for a day or two or longer.

Not a real live Krang, but one that’s made from clay and cast in a urethane resin that’s hand-painted, and hard-coated with polyurethane clear coat by Christopher Genovese.

Krang Belt1


It’s an impressive work of art that you can wear as a belt buckle or display on mantle in your living room.

However you want to show Krang off, Christopher’s up for the challenge. Each Krang buckle is made to order and is priced at $190.

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