Musical Cake Tray With LED Slicing Guide

Musical Cake Tray (Image courtesy Deni)
By Andrew Liszewski

Avoid those inevitable complaints about someone getting a bigger slice of cake than someone else at your next party with this Musical Cake Tray from Deni. At the push of a button the tray will play Happy Birthday in case you forget how the song goes, and a ring of LED lights will help you evenly cut from 2 to 12 pieces of cake or pizza or some manner of round food. Seems like a novelty right? Well it pretty much is, except for the $59.99 price tag.

[ Musical Cake Tray ] VIA [ GadgetGrid ]

13 thoughts on “Musical Cake Tray With LED Slicing Guide”

  1. As a man with a love of two worlds (tech and culinary). this is a blend of both worlds. yeah, it may not have too many feasable functions for the basic individual to have a drive to purchase this. but come on…. just look at it… it's for cake. hahaha

  2. “Why do they have to be LEDs? why not a cake platter with lines on it?”
    What are we barbarians???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I demand LED on everythng. Everything. I want LED lights on my LED lights!!!

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