Music Strap Backpack Speakers (Image courtesy Lucky Bums)

Music Strap Backpack Speakers

Music Strap Backpack Speakers (Image courtesy Lucky Bums)
By Andrew Liszewski

Designed to let you enjoy music during a hike or camping so you can still hear what’s going on around you and make sure your fellow adventurers haven’t been abducted by a grizzly, the Music Strap attaches to the shoulder straps of any backpack and pumps out your tunes through a set of 1W speakers powered by a pair of AAA batteries. It includes 20 inches of audio cable for connecting your music player of choice, 27.5 inches of speaker cable and even a pair of velcro straps to keep everything looking neat and tidy. $29.99 available directly from Lucky Bums.

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  1. Nice speaker. I liked it because I usually have problems with my mp3 battery life when i set it to speaker mode. But won't this be annoying to the shoulder part? I think it looks good. I just had that trail of thought. You'll look like a walking DJ. Just play the right sound for everyone else. 🙂

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