Multi-Zippered Sleeping Bag Lets You Regulate Your Temperature Just Right

By David Ponce

I have a strange internal thermostat. It’s picky to no end. Most of the time, I’m sweating, no matter how cool the place is. So what I end up doing is making my apartment glacial and hiding under the covers. Then as I start to get too hot, I poke certain body parts out until the perfect balance is achieved. It’s a tedious process but it’s the only way I can sleep. So they might have had me in mind when they came up with this sleeping bag. It features four horizontal zippers which can be used as vents. They are placed near the ankles, knees, waist, and chest and allow the camper to open them in various combinations for the optimal temperature adjustment. Which is great because hey, you don’t have any sort of control over the outside temperature, so something like this is essential. Comfort of course comes at a price, which in this case is $120. Mind you, that’s almost on par with a regular sleeping bag anyway, so you’re not paint much of a premium.

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