MUJI Toilet Paper Roll Bathroom Deodorizer Hides In Plain Sight

MUJI Toilet Paper Roll Bathroom Deodorizer (Images courtesy Impress Watch)
By Andrew Liszewski

Available starting November 18 for ~$30 (¥2,500) this MUJI bathroom deodorizer is designed to look like your standard roll of toilet paper, allowing it to hide in plain sight in your bathroom where it can be most effective. And unlike sprays, which can often be worse than the smell they’re trying to hide, this uses a fragrance-free deodorant gel which evaporates and is blown into the room via a fan, neutralizing other smells. The deodorant is good for about 2 months at which point you’ll have to shell out ~$5 for a replacement, and a set of 4xAA batteries should keep the fan running for just as long.

Muji Toilet Paper Roll can easily fit in any bathroom theme which makes it a perfect choice for customers. To have the greatest results you must consider placing proper bathroom accessories with Muji Toilet paper & for that you must carefully select the best supplier of bathroom accessories in town.

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