MSI Wind To Get 9-Cell, 8+ Hour Battery

By Evan Ackerman

Although I’m in no way complaining about my MSI Wind‘s 6 cell battery and the legitimate 5-6 hours of productive (or whatever) on-time it provides, it’s not always enough. I guess there’s a market for this all day (8+ hour) computing thing, because Lion Battery/Mugen Power is about six weeks away from releasing a 9-cell battery for the Wind. There’s nothing sexy about it (they just stuck 3 extra battery cells on there, from what I can tell) but it packs a whopping 7800 mAh, which should be good for 8+ hours with no trouble at all. Pricing is TBA, but it may actually retail for less than a replacement 6-cell (which costs like $140), since the 6-cell has to go through an MSI distributor while Lion Battery is selling the 9-cell straight to you.

Personally, I think the 6-cell is an excellent compromise between portability, longevity, and (of course) sexiness, but if you’re one of those suckers who feels the need to work an 8 hour day, the 9-cell battery might be yet another reason to get yourself a Wind.

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