MSI Wind At Best Buy For $350

By Evan Ackerman

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but the MSI Wind is an awesome little netbook and you should buy one. They’re on sale or something at Best Buy right now, where you can find them for a mere $349.99 with a 120 gig drive. That’s 40 gigs more storage for $200 less than I paid back in July (and don’t think that doesn’t sting just a little bit). The Wind on sale at Best Buy does only come with a 3 cell battery, but you’ve got a ton of options now on the battery front: in addition to getting yourself a 6-cell battery (4-6 hours, $100), you can get a 9-cell battery (7-10 hours) from either a legit company for $180, or on eBay for $96 from China on eBay. Any of these solutions will give you way more Wind for less money than early-adopters (i.e. poor saps like me) had a chance at.

Oh, and don’t forget about the newly-enabled turbo BIOS upgrade. Seriously, this is a lot of laptop for the money.

[ MSI Wind @ Best Buy ]

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