MSI Throws Overclockers a Bone with N260GTX Lightning


By Shane McGlaun

I am a big fan of PC gaming and I really like computer hardware as well. I am not really that into overclocking though, I prefer to get my video cards overclocked from the factory so I don’t worry about frying what I just spent big money on.

If you are into overclocking things like your video cards, MSI has the perfect new product for you called the N260GTX Lightning and Lightning Black Edition. Both of the cards feature solid caps for durability and a world’s first 10 phase PWM.

The PWM has 8 phases for the GPU and two for the memory allowing for more stability when overclocking. Both of the cards also double the standard GTX 260 RAM to 1792MB. The Black Edition has a touch sensitive Air Force panel that lets users overclock the video card from the front of their computer as needed. Pricing and availability are unknown.

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