MSI Offers Deets on X400 and X600 laptops


By Shane McGlaun

MSI was relatively unknown as a computer maker here in America until the netbook revolution and the firm unveiled the wind U100. The little U100 was one of the better netbooks on the market. MSI is now getting ready to launch its own MacBook Air competitors with two new X-Slim models called the X400 and X600 coming soon (we think).

The exact price and launch date for the X400 and X600 are unknown. What we do know is that the X400 will have a 14-inch screen and boast a super thin Li-poly battery with the entire notebook weighing 1.5kg. The X600 will offer a 15-inch screen with a total weight of only 2.1 kg. The X600 will also sport a discrete GPU.

The two machines are similar to the X340 that was previously announced and features an Intel Core 2 solo ULV processor. It would be safe to expect the X400 and X600 to sport the Intel ULV processors as well, though possibly dual-core variants. An 8-cell battery is optional on the X400 and a 9-cell unit can be added to the X600. Both machines will use external optical drives.

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