Mr. Wilson Holds Your Towel, Watches You Shower

By Luke Anderson

Have you been on the lookout for a new way to keep your towel off of the bathroom floor? Sure, you could always use that boring towel rack that’s already there, but that would be boring and unimaginative. No, what you need is a tennis ball with a suction cup attached to it.

So maybe there is a little more to Mr. Wilson than what I’ve described, but not much. He has a slit cut for holding onto your towel (which looks very much like a mouth) and a pair of rivets which seem to form eyes. Now not only do you have a cool towel holder, but you have a friend to talk to whilst in the bathroom. On second thought, that’s just a little creepy. If you don’ mind a tennis ball staring at you while you’re doing your business, then you can pick one of these up for around $14.

[ Loony Design ] VIA [ Foolish Gadgets ]

4 thoughts on “Mr. Wilson Holds Your Towel, Watches You Shower”

  1. You know this is the exact kind of simple and goofy gadget that would finally get kids to hang up their towel. Seriously, as a mother that picks damp towels up off the floor after every bath time this is actually looking like a brilliant invention LOL!

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