Mr. Jones ‘Average Days’ Watch Displays What Average Joes Do Every Day

Mr Jones Average Days Watch

Sometimes, some people need a bit more motivation before they get moving. I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying about how the early bird always gets the worm. Similarly, people who are up and about early and those who use their time wisely are the ones who are moving up the ladders. Giving you some perspective on this is Mr. Jones’ newest timepiece called “Average Days.”

The watch features a 24-hour face that gives you a peek into what most people in the world are doing at that given time. These aren’t just random actions thrown together, as they were actually based on the data collected from theĀ Centre For Time Use Research.

Mr Jones Average Days Watch1

Want to be better than the average? Then do things faster and more efficiently than the average Joe. Content with being average? Then follow the action indicated when the hour strikes. Either way, it’s a fun and definitely unusual watch to have.

The Average Days watch is available for $200. Only 100 pieces will be made, so get a move on if you want one.

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