Mr. Burns Is Watching You

Mr. Burns WebcamBy Luke Anderson

I’ve been a fan of the Simpsons for years. I’m not obsessed, nor do I own a single piece of Simpsons memorabilia (not since the Bartman shirt I had as a kid). However, I know several people whose love for the yellow citizens of Springfield know no bounds. This webcam is perfect for them.

This cam bears the likeness of evil businessman Mr. Burns. He is wearing one of his pleasant scowls whilst sitting at his desk. The front of his desk is the cam which captures 30fps at 640 x 480. It’s compatible with Windows 98 and up and plays nicely with Skype, MSN, AIM and Yahoo messengers. I’m not quite sure why someone would want Mr. Burns scowling at them all day, but you’re welcome to fork out $49.99 to have just that.

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