Mr. Bump Alarm Clock Needs Your Abuse

Mr. Bump Alarm Clock Needs Your Abuse

Mr. Bump Alarm Clock (Images courtesy Truffle Shuffle)
By Andrew Liszewski

Physically abusing an alarm clock just to get a few more minutes of sleep in the morning isn’t a new idea. But you might feel a little less put off by the idea when the alarm clock looks like one of the lovable characters from Roger Hargreaves’ Mr. Men/Little Miss series. And while Mr. Bump might look too adorable to throw, just remember that pain and injury are his raison d’être. His modus operandi. Without a reason for wearing those bandages he’d just be ‘Mr. Creepy Mummy Fetish’ or something. ~$21 (£12.99) from Truffle Shuffle.

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  1. This brings back some childhood memories. Now if they could make it so you could get a smart phone in there, still throw it and not have any resulting damage to the phone, that would be genius.

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