MP3 SharePlayers Make File Sharing A Breeze

flashpoint sharedrive mp3

By David Ponce

To be honest, that picture looks conspicuously computer generated, so we’re not sure if the FlashPoint SharePlayer, from XMultiple, actually exists in a form that isn’t vapor at this point. That said, we see no reason why it shouldn’t as the company that makes it has already put to market a previous version, the ShareDrives: a flash drive with USB SOTG (Sharing fOn-The-Go), which allows for easy drive to drive file transfer, without the need for a computer. Just plug one drive to the other, and transfer away.

Well, the SharePlayers are just an updated version of that, with MP3 playback abilities, as well as an FM tuner, FM recording, a microphone, and e-books capabilities. They come in sizes of 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB, with prices ranging from $90 to $245. Of course, the ability to instantly share tunes with your pals might not sit so well with DRM junkies, so your ability to playback legally downloaded music may be limited.

For a bunch more features, come inside.

-Teachers and students can exchange lectures and assignments away from computers or networks.
-The ability to exchange MP3 files with other MP3 players.
-Copy photos from your digital camera’s USB port. Freeing up needed camera memory.
-Download pictures/data from a USB enabled cell phone.
-Transfer files between the FlashPoint SharePlayer and another USB flash or micro memory drive via the FlashPoint’s male and female connectivity, all without the aid of a computer.
-View which files you wish to transfer from the SharePlayer or you wish to copy from another drive. All transfer information seen through the SharePlayer’s LCD screen using our SOTG technology.
-Supports MP3 & WMA file formats.
-Supports e-books. Bookmark your chapter or page for later listening
-Solid state, NAND flash memory (no HDD crashing or power issues)
-Built-in FM receiver.
-Record FM broadcasts
-Re-charging of it’s lithium battery through a standard USB connection.
-Combination MP3 Player, USB Bridge and Flash Memory drive, all rolled up into one.

[MP3 SharePlayers (Beware: Craptacular web design)]

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