Movea Gyration Surface To Air Mouse

By Evan Ackerman

I have a bit of a thing for gyro mice. Sexy ones, anyway. Movea’s Gyration mouse may not be as drop dead gorgeous as Logitech’s MX Air, but it does incorporate some of the same sort of futuristic technology that allows the mouse to be used conventionally on a flat surface or by waving it around in midair like a loony. The wireless RF mouse weighs only 4 ounces and has a USB receiver that hides in its butt. It’ll work up to 100 ft away from the computer (not that you can see that far), and comes with software that lets you use mouse gestures. There’s no info about battery life (which could be kinda important), and it doesn’t look like you get a whole lot of buttonage to play with. At $100 it’s a little bit cheaper than the MX Air, and it’s certainly smaller, but not a peripheral whose curves you’re likely to get lost in. Look for it early next month.

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