Mousetrap Coffee Table Is Both Creepy And Awesome


By Luke Anderson

Mousetraps are usually pretty basic gadgets. You generally either find the old wooden ones with a spring-loaded bar, or some plastic one that keeps them alive. Either way, you stick them somewhere out of the way and check on them every now and then to see if you’ve caught one. Well here’s a mousetrap that goes against all conventional thinking.

First, this trap is actually a table. So you’re going to encourage the rodents to climb on your furniture.   Well once the little critter finds its way into the tube, it will trip a motion sensor that seals the door. So now you’re going to have a mouse in a tube under your table, great. Now what? Now you wait for the mouse to fall into the microbial fuel cell at the bottom of the tube. There it will find a new definition of pain and suffering as it is slowly digested over a thousand years be turned into fuel which is used to trap the next victim. This mousetrap is too cool to be real, and for now remains only a concept design.

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