Motorola’s TXTR D7

By David Ponce

Ok, so lets recap. Here are Motorola’s recent four letter products: ROKR, SLVR, PEBL and RAZR (am I missing any?). Now, you can add TXTR D7 to the list. Anyone fed up yet?

Anyway, the D7 is a wireless QWERTY keyboard with four lines of display that links up to your phone via bluetooth. And should there be another TXTR owner in the vicinity, it also doubles as a chat agent.

You could, of course, go up to the person and talk… but what fun would that be?

Now, I take it this was recently unveiled at CES, which is why I’m unable to find additional info on it. So for now, just know that this product’s existence is unconfirmed and the facts only as solid as the source.

[Phonescoop’s News Brief] VIA [The Raw Feed]

2 thoughts on “Motorola’s TXTR D7”

  1. So, Motorola is going wireless qwerty as well? I think this is the first time I have ever heard of such a phone by Motorola. Anyway, I find the product names quite weird, but the names fit the trend of shortened labels – rocker, silver, pebble, razor – especially in SMS.

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