Motorola PVOT Concept Phone

By Bruce Eaton

Bringing innovation to the power source in the cellphone realm is the Motorola PVOT concept phone, by Andre Minoli. With a 125 x 125 dot matrix LCD and an “Eraser Shield” keypad, the real draw here is the handcrank form factor. By cranking the phone 25 times (at a God-knows-how-hard-to-do level) you recharge the included AA battery inside… which will yield one minute of power.

Being a concept item, this idea most likely will not make it into production, at least not in America (Americans cranking phones??). It is definitely a design for developing countries, somewhere where power outlets and polarized plugs are a thing of the future. Since it is a concept, there is no price, but you can assume that if you wave around enough bills, you might be able to score one from MOTO themselves.

[Motorola PVOT Concept] VIA [Ubergizmo]

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  1. loll keypads are so 2006 *looks at date* Someone from 2006- a carrousel of progress format comes to mind: ahh they might do away with keypads with this new iphone concept and i heard google was looking into making a mobile operating system but these are … just rumors

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