Motorized Artwork System from BEI

You have a plasma screen somewhere in your swanky palace that just looks horribly out of place when you’re not using it? Why not just camouflage it as art then? BEI online make this possible with its Motorized Artwork System.

It’s not much more than a motorized roller that you activate through a remote control. If you’re done watching the game, press a button and out rolls the Botticelli, making it look like you’re above such mundane trivialities as football and such.

There’s a bunch of features on this:

It fits all models of plasma displays.

There are over 300 classic paintings to chose from.

If their choice doesn’t suit you, you can send them your own selection.

You get to chose from a wide variety of designer and custom frames.

It can be recessed or surface mounted on the wall.

It’s good stuff people, and you can get it here. Story VIA TRFJ.

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