Motorcycle With A WWII Fighter-Inspired Sidecar – Why Ask Why?

WWII Fighter Plane Sidecar (Images courtesy Henrik Toth)
By Andrew Liszewski

Sometimes you come across a creation so unique it seems a waste of time to ask “Why?”, but there are a few other questions I have about this WWII fighter-inspired motorcycle sidecar. Like why does Motorcycle News refer to this as a German plane when there’s clearly a U.S. Air Force logo on the tail, and why does its creator, Henrik Toth, own and operate a ‘wild wild west’ themepark/village just outside of Budapest when he seems more like a WWII aficionado? And most importantly, if I buy one does it make airplane sound effects on its own or do I have to provide them, because I’m good either way.

[ Motorcycle News – WW2 German fighter plane sidecar ] VIA [ Gizmo Watch ]

5 thoughts on “Motorcycle With A WWII Fighter-Inspired Sidecar – Why Ask Why?”

  1. Some of us learn to read, to wit:
    “The design is based on a Second world war Messerschmitt ME109 fighter plane and entirely hand built by Henrik.”

    The correct question you should have asked is “Why does this have a USAF logo on it when it's clearly a German machine?”

  2. That is so cool looking! I really enjoy seeing what kinds of new toys people can come up with. I would love to be rich and have random items like this, just because it’s so neat and creative, unique. How many people have this? Honestly.. :p

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