Most Awaited Focusvape Tourist vs Dr Dabber Boost Challenge

If you know of the very popular and somewhat new, The Focusvape Vaporizer, then the Tourist vaporizer by Focusvape will seem a little familiar at first blush. This versatile little monster can handle both herbs and concentrates but it does so with more finesse than other herbs and concentrate multi-mode personal vaporizers. It seem a bit new in the market but various reputable smoke shops are already stocking Focusvape Tourist in Canada. So let’s jump right in and take a deeper look at how the Focusvape Tourist compares to something like the mighty Dr. Dabber Boost, a perennial favourite that seems to never let vape lovers down.

The FocusVape Tourist delivers a satisfying experience, whether you are using dry herbs or concentrates due to two different attachments for each method. For concentrates, simply attach the wax attachment to the base and fill the filter with water and mount it onto the wax attachment. Switch to “wax” mode, and once the unit reaches the desired temperature, then it’s time to add the concentrate wax into the titanium nail and inhale those therapeutic cannabinoids
The Dr. Dabber Boost is concentrates-only, and it does that one thing very well. So, if you’re new to cannabis and are not tied to one product over the other, then the Tourist will take you on your learning journey in the land of medical marijuana or recreational cannabis. Get it? That’s why this new vape is called the Tourist!

Temperature Controls
Both the herb and the wax attachments for the Tourist make temperature control extremely easy. The herb attachment can be set anywhere between 90C–240 Celcius giving users a wide range to work with when enjoying their botanicals. The wax attachment can be adjusted between 260–450 Celcius giving users a wide range to work with for concentrates as well. The Tourist satisfies most vape users and their individual vapor preferences.

The Dr. Dabber Boost heats to an optimal temperature with a simple button press, and that’s why vape enthusiasts consider it the easiest dabbing solution on the market. Click the power button three times when using the titanium nail or ceramic nail. Alternatively, click it five times to unlock a higher heat setting and more great vapor. More on that in the next section.

Vapor Quality
The Tourist delivers beautifully tasty smoke from herbs at around 180–190 Celcius and around 260–300 Celcius for waxes. Even herbs produce thick clouds if you set the unit to about 240 Celcius; for concentrates, try 375 Celcius for best results. The only caveat is that the Tourist almost always requires the water filter for the best quality vapor because it cools the clouds down before they reach your lungs for a much smoother experience. The upside is that sensitive smokers can now try higher temperatures without the discomfort of taking in hot vapors.

Flavor from the Dr. Dabber Boost is also really impressive; you won’t believe all the subtle flavors that you can taste off of your favourite waxes when you dip them into the hot titanium or ceramic nail.

Manufacturing Quality
Have you tried a Focusvape product yet? Then you’ll appreciate how they have stepped up their game with the Tourist. The device is well thought out with high-quality glass pieces and flawless (well-intended) craftsmanship. There are two separate attachments to handle each material separately. Most units that offer 2-in-1 herb and wax capability usually do so by just adding a wax canister to insert into the dry herb chamber even though the two materials require different heating methods and temperatures (usually far too hot for dry herbs). With the Tourist, wax enthusiasts don’t have to suffer because their chosen product is being heated by a herb-centric oven. Bonus!

The wax attachment of the Dr. Dabber Boostis designed to work like an e-rig, similar to the Dr. Dabber Boost. There is a ceramic rod underneath the nail that heats up to very high temperatures to cause the vaporization process. The Dr. Dabber manufacturer considers both titanium and ceramic for this piece; they are the best heating materials to use for concentrates, even if ceramic does pose a potential breakage problem—just don’t drop it.


Despite its travel-inspired name, the Focusvape Tourist is surprisingly not so portable because of all the pieces and attachments. The separate attachments make it super easy to swap from herbs to concentrates, but it does add to the bulkiness of the unit altogether. Use it at home or for a night on the town but don’t think about taking it on hiking or camping adventures. Then again, you can always leave the water filter behind, and that makes it slightly more manageable on the road.

The Dr. Dabber is a go-anywhere unit that has a relatively low-profile honey-comb shaped case and doesn’t require a torch, which cuts down on some parts. Just turn on with the power button—three times for lower temps and five times for high temps and the battery does the hard work. Expect between 30 to 40 uses on a single battery charge. You can buy Focusvape Tourist in Canada from numerous newly emerging vape and smoke shops in Canada.