Morphis ESP Motion Simulator

Morphis ESP Motion Simulator (Image courtesy FAO Schwarz)By Andrew Liszewski

Imagine being the kid who wakes up on Christmas morning and comes downstairs to one of these. Of course at $300,000 those kids are probably few and far between but with this Morphis ESP motion simulator you’d definitely have something to occupy your time at least until New Years.

Capable of moving like an aviation-quality simulator the Morphis can seat eight persons and comes with a fully digital audiovisual system complete with a library of 3D adventures on CD-ROMs. Yes that’s right, cutting-edge CD-ROMs. Of course if you’re looking to make someone’s Christmas or birthday extra special you’ll need to plan ahead. The Morphis is available from FAO Schwarz by special order only and takes about 4 weeks for delivery. Oh and be aware, according to the site “…this product cannot be gift wrapped” which could be a deal breaker for some.

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