Morphing Concept Car With A USB Stick Key

Mazada SassouBy Asim Waqar

Some of the concept vehicles at auto shows eventually make it to the street. This particular concept from Mazada, named the Sassou, has some incredible features; lets just hope we see them soon!

• Advanced interior system using a USB stick key
• An ingenious rear seat morphing system
• Translucent plastic that disguises the head and rear lamps
• The glass roof itself is an extension of the front windshield
• Door handles are part of the side panels and rotate outwards when unlocked, then back into the body panel when the door is closed

If Mazda could find a way to develop an auto-driver, equip the car with an Infocus Screenplay , a Vutec Silverstar, and throw in some 3G access, well then I would have found my ultimate automobile!

The Sassou will be Unveiled at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

For a closer look visit the Mazada Sassou page at Japanese Car Fans here.