More Adventures In Laptop Experts Land

By Luke Anderson

[ The following concerns a paid campaign currently running on the site. ]

February is upon us, and I’m still churning out 6 answers a day over at the Laptop Experts site. It seems that there is never an end to the questions that come in, which definitely keeps me (along with the other Experts) busy. Here’s a taste of what I tackled during this week.

Cameras always come up a lot, and someone was wanting to use their built-in webcam with Yahoo Messenger. Another person was interested in downloading video from their camcorder, while someone else wanted to upgrade their USB ports to the 2.0 standard. Is physical damage to a laptop covered under the warranty?

If you have any burning questions that you want answered, or feel like tackling someone else’s question, feel free to stop by the Laptop Experts site.

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