Mopping Is Now As Easy As Walking To The Fridge


By Chris Scott Barr

Mopping is one of those tasks that I hate doing. Luckily my place is almost completely carpeted, so I only have to worry about the kitchen and bathrooms. I can’t say what it is about the whole mop-and-bucket process that I hate, I just do. However, I have discovered a better way of doing things. Sure, those Swiffer things are pretty cool, but I’m talking about something a little more fun. I’m talking about the Walk N’ Clean Slippers.

Imaging having a pair of slippers that are actually mops on the bottom. That’s pretty much the whole idea behind these things. The bottoms are held on by velcro so that they can be easily detached and tossed in your washing machine. At $19 a pair, it sounds like a solid investment to me.

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