The Mophie Varsity Jacket Charges Your Phone, Looks Smashing

Mophie Varsity Jacket

In this particular case, OC doesn’t stand for obsessive compulsive–it stands for Opening Ceremony. This limited edition jacket by Mophie is more than meets the eye, as it has a charger for your smartphone¬†that’s concealed in one of its¬†inner pockets. That way, you can look smashing and have enough juice to take a selfie because the charger will keep your phone all powered up.

The jacket comes with a black and gold finish, and the charger is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, so you don’t have to worry about bringing adapters.

Mophie Varsity Jacket1


Like it? You better hurry, because only a hundred will be made. The jacket is priced at $465.

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