Moonwatch Concept Saves You The Effort Of Looking At The Sky


By Chris Scott Barr

Many cultures throughout history have noted the significance of the lunar phases and their apparent roles in our lives. With so many different groups believing that our moon does more than shine down and effect the tides, it’s hard not to wonder if they’re right. The people over at The Emotion Lab are firm believers that the different lunar phases can effect our emotional state. In an attempt to help people realize these corrolations, they came up with a  concept for this Moonwatch.

There isn’t a lot of information on the watch, but essentially it can show you the current phase of the moon at a glance. It does also appear that it has a secondary feature that tells the time as well. (Who would have thought that telling time would be a secondary feature on a watch?) The ironic thing is that the Moonwatch concept appears to be solar powered. No word on whether they plan to take this design to production.

[ The Emotion Lab ] VIA [ Dvice ]

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