Moonlight Orbs Lighting Reminds Me Too Much Of The Prisoner

Moonlight Orbs Lighting (Images courtesy Moonlight USA &
By Andrew Liszewski

These Moonlight Orbs illuminated spheres make for a unique way to light your home, your pool or your property. Made in Germany, the polyethylene spheres (and half spheres) range in size from 13 to 30 inches in diameter and operate on standard electrical wiring or rechargeable batteries. The battery powered versions are sealed and self-contained allowing them to safely float on water, and use a remote control to power them on or off. They can even be used with interchangeable color filters if you’re trying to match or set a specific mood.

Unfortunately though, the spheres remind me of the old 60’s show The Prisoner which I used to watch when I was far too young to be doing so. The show was pretty confusing (on purpose) but what really freaked me out were the large white balloons that would hunt down people trying to escape, and from what I recall, would essentially suffocate them. For those who’ve never seen the show it’s really hard to explain, but I’ve included a YouTube video after the jump where the spheres make an appearance. (Just past the 2 minute mark.)

I’d love to dig up some pricing info on the orb lights, but the Moonlight USA website is kind of an unusable flash disaster.

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8 thoughts on “Moonlight Orbs Lighting Reminds Me Too Much Of The Prisoner”

  1. Its funny you posted this.. I have worked with these guys on a couple events. In the US of corse. There is a guy here in LA/OC, California area who has a bunch of them and comes out for parties and such. I only have 1 picture of them which was when they were setting up.. but it just shows a little of what they look like with color in them. Their design is pretty cool and the damn things are nearly indestructible. That video clip is hilarious though.
    Moonlight Picture

  2. Heh, didn’t they store brains or souls in something like that in the old Star Treks too? They do have a vaguely otherworld science fiction/fantasy look, but maybe I’m just too much of a geek 😉

  3. There old site has all the tech info and great photos of all there orbs,
    youd think the website would be just as fancy as these professional
    photos probably cost them a cool mint to have done. Especially with
    all the sexy models in the images 😉

    Here’s the link to the INFO site for Moonlite Orb’s…

  4. These things totally rock. The sound system is really cool. I saw them in Germany. Not sure about the that seems to come up with wicker furniture. I think is correct.

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